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To our Church family and Guests at Sonrise Church:


With the heightened awareness and public concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the ongoing seasonal flu virus and the common cold, we want to assure you that public health and safety concerns are our highest priority.


We are very intentional about providing clean, sanitary, and safe environments for people to meet and worship God. We have enhanced our already-thorough cleaning procedures.


This includes disinfecting the kitchen and toilet areas and various touchpoints (doorknobs, handles, taps, and handrails, etc.) before a Sunday morning. While we realize no public environment is 100% safe, we do try to take every precaution and safety measure possible.


What can you do to help?


• When you enter the building please use the foam sanitizers for your hands on the front door.


• We will soon have a foam sanitizer for you to use as you leave the toilet area. Please still wash your hands thoroughly. Please also lower the toilet lid before you flush the toilet to prevent aerosol contamination of that area.


• Please don’t shake people’s hands or greet each other with a hug and kiss as we often love to do in Church!


• Don’t stand to close to anyone. We advise you to leave a space of at least 3ft between each other when talking as recommended by the experts.


• Remember God is our shield and protection but we also need to be wise. If you or your child have a fever, cough, headache or diarrhoea please do not come to church for at least two weeks.  Do let us know though so we can pray for you and help if we can.


We are also in the process of looking at having a live broadcast on a Sunday morning so if churches are forced to close for a period of time by the government, we can still have church online.


Remember as christians we put our trust in Jesus and we do not allow the ‘spirit of fear’ to cause us to walk in fear. Those in Christ should  always walk by faith believing He is our shield and protection.


Blessings Pastor Glenn Khan – Sonrise Church Hastings


Sonrise Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)